Smoke Ring – Cocktail Smoker



Anyone using this product should have read all information, instruction and in some cases training regarding the safe use of the  SMOKE RING™ and any and all hazards involved. 

  • Be sure the SMOKE RING™ is used only in a safe environment. 

  • The SMOKE RING™ and BOURBON DUST™ should never be used by children. 

  • Only use SMOKE RING™ for its intended use. 

  • DO NOT overfill the SMOKE RING™ with dust/shavings. 

  • DO NOT burn Bourbon Dust™ or other shavings for more than 6-8 seconds. 

  • DO NOT place SMOKE RING™ near any other combustible materials when lighting Bourbon Dust™ or any other shavings. 

  • Be sure to follow all fire regulations at all times. 


Ensure you have a kitchen/pastry/crème brulee torch with ample fluid. 

Place SMOKE RING™ in an area free of other combustible materials. 

Place the SMOKE RING on top of your cocktail/drink vessel of choice. 

Always keep torch directed away from your body, clothing and other people or objects. 


Add a large pinch of Bourbon Dust/shavings to the chamber and fill hole but do not overfill. 

Hold torch 2-5 inches from SMOKE RING and Bourbon Dust/shavings and direct it down diagonally into chamber. 

You may burn until desired smoke level is reached but not longer than 6-8 second. 

Make sure torch is off and, once you have let the smoke rest, swirl in the vessel for a couple of seconds. Carefully lift the SMOKE RING off of the vessel and once fully extinguished, dump remaining char and Bourbon Dust/shavings into a non-flammable container. Once smoke has dissipated, add any garnishes and enjoy!!

Make sure to clean out your SMOKE RING™ after each use.

Click here for Torch Instructions