InstructionsBourbon Barrel Dust Instructions.

October 22, 2022by admin0

Place large pinch in the cocktail smoker/smoking gun/cloche of choice. Holding kitchen/pastry torch 3-5 inches from flame at a diagonal, ignite the Bourbon Dust and hold flame to dust as the perfect Bourbon smoke is created but not longer than 8-10 seconds.
When embers are completely cooled, dispose of them in a firesafe receptacle.


Bourbon Dust (TM) is made from freshly dumped White Oak Bourbon barrels containing traces of char and bourbon that remained within the wood.

  • Do not eat or ingest.
  • Bourbon Dust should never be used by children.
  • Only use Bourbon Dust after reading all instructions.
  • Never use Bourbon Dust in close proximity to other combustible materials.
  • Never burn Bourbon Dust for more than 8-10 seconds.
  • Always follow all fire safety regulations and precautions.

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